The winter holiday came.The Christmas Nativity Festival, brings together family and is when we are with your loved ones when receiving and giving heat so thinking and soul. Grandpa says that we have away from tradition, this feast is not encountered and lived as before, but I continue to believe that the charm and magic of Christmas will never disappear. Christmas begins with the position held by Christians for six weeks between November 15 and December 24, in which giving up eggs, meat, milk, and it ends with a litany liturghy. On December 20 is Ignat when people cut and cook a pig after ancient ritual. In households cook sausages, drums, and cure ham. Ignat Day is dedicated to the preparation and preservation of meat, housewives set aside meat rolls, steak and cream cake. The most important of the winter holidays is the wonderful evening of December 24, when together with the whole family decorate the tree and expect presents from Santa Claus and also are expected the carol singers for announce Christos`s Nativity they are rewarding for greetings to the hosts. Each parent must bring back the magic in his house, announcing the arrival of Santa Claus, living with children the joy of receiving gifts. I am convinced that we bear in mind childhood memories, leaving the carols, the smell of the pine, and the only warm of the sponge cake removed from the oven and especiallythe paranks which he done when we were small. Carols are those that bring us joy and I do listen to all those who feel the spirit of this wonderful feast. I know that Santa Claus exists in our heart and soul and we expect it every year. For Christmas I wish you all only happiness and health!